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Cable Design

Premium Cable Pin system (standard) recommend for residential houses

Our standard stainless steel cable design Horizontal  304/441/316 material
50mm Round top rail 38mm round Uprights with x8-4mm ss Cable
Gap sizes between x8 horizontal cables  +- 90/100mm
All 38mm uprights to be mounted by means of core drilling +-100mm deep alternatively with a baseplates flange and chemical anchor
All material 180 Gritt finish
Balustrades to be 1 meter in height from floor

Your choice on our standard  stainless steel cable design for your new or existing house /building. Not only does the material have non-corrosive properties but it is hygienic too.
This design normally would be used for more clarity
All of our stainless steel is recyclable and recycled materials are used in all new stainless steel products. Stainless steel is the material of choice in sustainable design and bring your value up with no maintenance required


Easy to Clean
Cost Effective
More clarity


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